After the Meal

After the Meal


A place that we visited several times on visits to Kannur.

Even while eating a meal, the camera has to be ready to capture the scene and this was a neighbouring table immediately after it was vacated. Very nice meal too…..



10 thoughts on “After the Meal

  1. John, I really like this photo because of the depth. I feel I can walk into the image. I also like the way you’ve framed this image with the out of focus chairs. The reflections on the table is also a plus. Very nice and enjoyable to look at and think of the story that goes with this image. Thanks for taking this. Most would pass over the scene.

  2. Wonderful. I’ve given up on taking pictures of the newly arrived meal. That’s just food porn. But, I do what you just published. The leftovers and endings. 🙂 good post production too.

  3. You have the most remarkable gift … to be able to make such beautiful photos out of the simplest of scenes. I may not always comment, but I enjoy your work very much.

    • I was encouraged by your kind comment, john. I had never considered that my photos might be thought to be thus. Simplicity certainly helps….less clutter allows compositional issues to the fore. As for beauty, well, I strive for some kind of balance between content and presentation, and with this image it seemed to work, but I believe you are actually talking about the simple and ordinary things of life. Actually I don’t think that I seek out such things consciously. It’s more a gut reaction to seeing things. Thanks for the encouragement.

      • I do mean ‘simple’ in a positive and flattering way. You take simply composed images: plates on the table, a man in a doorway, and you elevate the image into the most beautiful art.

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