Chai Trolley

Chai Trolly


This is one of those difficult photos that I was unsure about. It seemed to have some potential as an image.

The light was contrasty and the sky at the back was very bland, so taking out the colour seemed a reasonable first step, then some tone mapping and a quick blast with Nik Software Silver Efex to get this vintage feel to the image. Still not sure, so you are welcome to have your say.



17 thoughts on “Chai Trolley

  1. I think there is too much going on.. it’s too busy for my taste..less being more and all that jazz! too shiny and contrasty as well I feel.. … I have some photos that I am sure should work too but somehow just don’t..

  2. The shot is a narrative and needs to be kept. At the same time I agree with Helen up to a point. I think the photo with cropping can eliminate some of the fringe clutter. Cropping it to make a vertical might work. Try cropping out the man on the left and the pole on the right. You might also consider brightening the remaining man’s face and shirt so your eye is drawn to him rather than the bright spots on the cart and the container. I personally don’t care in this case for the vignettes. It tends to block out important parts. After cropping I still would be reluctant to use it. Good luck with this, john. I look forward to seeing the versions that you make if you decided to do so.

    • That’s great Tim, some of these ideas occurred to me as well and since reading the comments from Helen and yourself I tried a re-edit, but the only one that came close to working was a close crop of the man and even that felt uninspiring. So I’m stuck with this one as it is……..some we win and some should have been consigned to the bin. I shall have to put it down to experience…….fun though…..
      Thanks again Tim.

  3. my thought is that even after removing the color, so many remain.
    I’m not an expert and will offer no suggestions … I do like this though!

  4. There’s a lot in the image but then that is India, plenty of hustle and bustle. The eye is drawn naturally to the Chai man and in that sense the composition is good. For me it is almost the sharpness of the wheel in the foreground that causes the problem and distraction. May not be a perfect image, but it is still a ‘good’ image. Of course it is just an opinion from an amateur. MM 🍀

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