Harbour Sunset

Harbour Sunset


Sunset, low evening light and fishing boats. It’s noticeable that visitors give more ‘likes’ to pretty landscapes and fewer to those images that are more the kind of subject matter that this photographer likes, which I suppose is only natural….we like what we like, and those ‘likes’ don’t necessarily correspond to what I judge myself to be a ‘better’ photo either which suggests that, either there is a perception that the only ‘good’ photograph is the one that you might put in your home, or that my judgement about what constitutes a ‘good’ picture is flawed.

Generally this response is replicated at my camera club and the ‘aah’ pictures of the cuddly dog are often preferred to documentary style images.

There is no absolute…..and there has to be an element of ‘Ahh!’

There should also be some appreciation about light and shade, colour, composition and picture division, and interpretation…..whether the picture has impact, whether it is telling a story, and whether it shows some creative originality in its presentation.

Hmm……when I get there, you will surely let me know…..

….. LOL



15 thoughts on “Harbour Sunset

  1. As I’ve always said, it’s all in the light.
    As to camera clubs, I gave mine a miss this year in favour of a couple of evening classes at the local Uni – more expensive not in the least be controversial.

    • Well good luck with your evening class, Stephen. Dealing with rejection is quite hard, but you come to that place where you see that different views are only that….a different view.

      • Thank you.
        I think one of the most favourable abililties to have for self improvement is to listen to critique positively and constructively – (and then, when one comes back off the ceiling, decide whether to ignore it or not!)
        As the point of view has direct impact in creating the picture, so it does when looking at it – and one does not equal the other. (‘point of view’ in the widest sense)

  2. The light on the water and the uniformity of the boats makes this a really interesting picture. When one first looks I don’t think there is a ‘wow’ factor but the more one looks, the more one gets drawn in. You can make up your own conclusions. MM 🍀

  3. I love this picture John its brilliant!
    I guess that anything creative that we do will always be subjective but I think a lot depends on the kind of audience. I have a fashion photographer mate who posts work on facebook receiving billions of likes on shots of models in high fashion poses but a lot less for his personal photography. Of the thousands of his “friends”, most are in the fashion business so probably (forgive the stereotype) couldn’t care less about what he or you or I might consider more meaningful photography (whatever that is 🙂
    Anyway back to this photo; it’s a double like from me!

    • ….and a double thanks from me….
      Horses for courses, springs to mind.
      It is all about intention and application….we shouldn’t live in an aesthetic vacuum……I keep telling myself!

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