Will that be all Sir?

Will that be all Sir?



You never know when you’re going to need one.

A barber: well what else did you think I meant?

A couple of times while travelling I have used the services of a barber and both times I came away very satisfied with the haircut…..especially the price.

Once was in Cambodia. He even trimmed those wayward hairs that sprout around the ears…….sorry about that, but you have to tell it how it is, and he seemed quite surprised when I gave him a tip.

The second time was at this fine location in Kannur, and, of course, you can’t leave without taking a few snaps…….can’t waste a good subject.



4 thoughts on “Will that be all Sir?

  1. John, what a wonderful photo. This one deserves the photo of the week award, if there was such. I’ve taken the time to really look at it. All the subtitles that make up this photo tell a story of working and trying to make a living in a difficult environment. The electrical work of plugs, timers, transformers and wires add to this impression of toil. And, of course the reflections in the mirror give it almost a three dimensional quality. But, what really is impressive is the look on the face of the barber who is folding his arms. It is almost a Mona Lisa look – not smug or smiling but not sad or happy. I also like the blue colors of the shop. Congrats.

    • Laugh….I laughed at that. …… Mona Lisa!……..did you leave your specs at home, Tim?
      Apart from that your comments are well appreciated.
      I think his expression is really saying………”does this idiot really know what he’s doing with that camera?”
      I’m still smiling………… Mono Lisa…… LOL

  2. With so much to look at in this picture, it is very well composed. That must have been tricky with the reflections in particular. Even the ‘passer by’ outside is framed perfectly in the doorway! Great environmental portrait. 🙂

    • Thanks Mr B.
      I regret to say that when I get behind a camera, the shooting is all intuitive, and though I’m aware of dodging about a bit to get the framing right, it’s all done on autopilot. Passerby is a fluke. Some you win, most you don’t….but well spotted, I hadn’t noticed him!

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