Waiting Room

Waiting Room


I mentioned the other day while ruminating about the photo of the Craftsman, that viewpoint is all, and here, as I suggested in that post, is an interior view looking square-on to the wall.

I have to say here and now that I rarely feel encouraged to visit the dentist.

At least the poster advertising a tooth whitening procedure has been removed, interesting though as it was as an example of how photographs can be photoshopped to good effect.

The 1930s style fireplace has been given a new sense of purpose as a brochure stand, with such gems as, Pit and Fissure Treatment, Cold Sores, and Root Canal Treatment. Energising reading, indeed.

The slightly leaning yellow poster asks, ‘Did you know that your dentist can save you money on your food shopping?. Presumably this alludes to the fact that gums require only cheaper soft and squiggly foods.

I jest, of course. My dentist is a caring and expert practitioner, no really……

He’s a very nice man.



13 thoughts on “Waiting Room

  1. I like the shot John, but ca I really click the like considering where it is… I have a real phobia about dentists and you remind me that I have to go and see one soon.. 😦

      • HAHAHAHA…. It might be the only thing that gets me to go.. When I bought my D610 I had a free lesson offered. When I turned up there was just me and a dentist there who had bought his with a macro zoom to take photos of…. teeth! To make it worse… I teach English in a local school and his son is in my class…. Someone has it in for me..

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