Any Old Iron

Any Old Iron



Hmmm…….I don’t like this ……

Have seriously gone off it since preparing it and think that at least some of the foreground needs hacking off…..and the whole thing is too much in your face.

If you wish to complain about it I suppose you could mark it out of ten……. I’ll give it four….no more.

On the other hand ………if you can suggest what I should do with it…

….and, no, I’m not bending over……




15 thoughts on “Any Old Iron

  1. Go back and start again. Two pictures here. You want the curling stone with the LH fire surround and the bronze coloured junk with the RH image. They’ll never notice what you move!! Chop off the stones at the bottom. See and new images.

    • Oh, hello Mary…..this one has obviously stirred you up…..’go back and start again’…..I love it….straight for the jugular.
      You are right of course, this was a very sloppy and ill thought out posting, and I am on my knees in a penitent position.
      Please forgive me.

  2. As it is it is difficult to know what we should be focusing on, there is too much in it for simple me. I agree with David Hall, the top left is the obvious quadrant and I would leave the complete curling stone in there which means you would get a bit of the next door fireplace too. However I think that way it retains a lot of intrigue. MM 🍀

  3. Hmm I like this one a lot. Yes I agree on your foreground idea . But also I think it is perfect just the way it is. A different type of photo but perhaps that makes it even special because of that.

      • Hmm, I get what she is saying, but for me, I do sincerely love this image. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t. Guess I am not the sort of person to give that kind of critique for images. But I can be very lethal in my editing words advice, when it is solicited. Consequently I do consider myself a gifted editor, of words. We all have our gifts, glad that you can get some advice like that from someone else. 🙂

        Good and healing thoughts to you.


        • Dear Kate, you know that you can take everything I say with the proverbial pinch of salt…….Mary is a good friend, so I would never take issue with her as she’s a better photographer than I am….and I do agree with her on this occasion. …and you are still very much appreciated, especially because you like the image. Do feel free to critique my literary skills…..I enjoy writing and have two pieces on the go at the moment, one based in India and the other, science fiction.
          Bless you, and thanks.

            • That’s a difficult question to answer. I was an art teacher all my working life, and though I did, from time to time, have the vain notion that I might write….even starting one or two, now discarded, stories, it’s only since retirement, and joining a U3A creative writing group, that I have begun to test the water. The India story is a kind of action thriller with the body count piling up. Trouble is, I always seem to start in the middle of a tale and haven’t a clue what has caused the group of adventurers to be thrust into the context they find themselves in. Perhaps it has to stay obscure right to the end.
              The science fiction story is about time; collecting, and the end of everything. So it’s not a simple, nor is it a sequential tale and I’ve had to write a synopsis and a time line so that I don’t get too confused myself. I have lots of ideas, but the writing can lead you in a different direction as it evolves, so the story is somewhat episodic.
              Of course the main problem is one of commitment. I am lazy. Also starting the next chapter strikes terror into me the same way that filling my tax return does, so I put it off until the deadline comes around.
              Perhaps you have similar issues, Kate.

            • Hi John,

              I do have trouble sitting down to write. My life has been very chaotic for several years and that has significantly gotten in the way of writing creatively. But I have found myself very lucky in my having a blog as it gives me a good amount of drive to write and post to the blog. I want to write more, especially poetry, but as you comment it takes discipline and that is something every writer has to deal with and find a way to manage.

              Your stories sound very interesting. I’m excited for you. Wishing you all the best in your efforts! I think that us writers need and deserve the encouragement.

              Good and healing thoughts to you.


  4. Yes to your foreground idea and I too, might have made this into two images. mostly because I very much like both “halves” and do not want one to detract from the other.

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