Kirkcudbright Bay, Looking North

Kirkcudbright Bay, Looking North


Sometimes when you are confronted by a wild sea and surrounded by the sound and the fury, the dynamic of it all is just too much to take in. When you are being buffeted by the wind, have salt spray in your face, and are dancing out the way of the next wave, it’s a wonderful experience, but it’s only when you look at a photograph or video that you can isolate a part of the experience to see what it actually looks like. I suppose that’s one reason why we take photos.

Water is endlessly fascinating, don’t you think?



4 thoughts on “Kirkcudbright Bay, Looking North

  1. It is indeed, endlessly fascinating, John. I’m looking forward to our snow-melt season in a few months, eager to see that living water pounding and crashing down the mountain stream-beds and spraying in rainbow hues over granite waterfalls…so very anxious to see it again. I think I understand your corporeal joy in standing there with the sea-spray on your face as you capture your Kirkcudbright images…. Nicely done….

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