Storm at Nun Mill

Storm at Nun Mill


If you walk round to the right in yesterday’s photo, this is where you arrive, at Nun Mill; and just beyond here: to the left in this view, you come to a pleasant sandy beach called The Dhoon.

Well, it was a sandy beach, but much of the sand now lies in the field behind the beach. All the local beaches have been regraded by recent storms and shore line vegetation has been washed out, with now exposed tree roots showing damage caused by flying rocks and stones. The dark and brooding woodland in the background is Doon Hill which is the site of an ancient hill fort. It’s hard to imagine from seeing this wintertime view that this woodland is full of bluebells in the spring, as are most deciduous forests in Dumfries & Galloway. Thankfully winter storms are replaced by spring sunshine, …… eventually.



8 thoughts on “Storm at Nun Mill

  1. Eventually, yes…but in the meantime, you get to participate in This. I rather enjoy it from my distance, John…it’s very uncommon in my experience, so I’m able to see it with more than a bit of fascination. I think you made a fine image here.

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