February Storm

February Storm


With the coast road in the foreground, this photo taken on 1 February, is from a similar viewpoint to the picture taken a month earlier here.

The coastguard team was turning people back at this point because the waves were breaking over the road and throwing large rocks and other debris, such that some sections were piled with branches, sand, sea weed and stones. As I returned from a quick foray around the corner to the right…..with wet feet again…..will I never learn……a council wagon arrived to say that the road was now closed, so would I replace the cones to block the road when I headed back towards Kirkcudbright, which is off to the left in this view.

In the distance you can see Little Ross Island with its lighthouse. This view was taken about an hour after high tide.



9 thoughts on “February Storm

  1. It’s wonderful to me…the pewter sky and water with the touch of earth-tones in the foreground…and the power, too, the drama of the sea and sky…so very nice, John.

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