Surging Sea

Surging Sea


The Lake is a tidal part of Kirkcudbright Bay (that’s pronounced Ker- coo- bree)  and its full name is Manxman’s Lake.

It gets its name from the time when the Manxmen…..inhabitants of the Isle of Man, which lies in the middle of the Irish sea between the UK and Ireland…….were somewhat piratical and frequently attacked coastal towns. Legend has it that a raiding party landed in Manxman’s Lake and attacked the town of Kirkcudbright, leaving much of it in flames. I believe the inhabitants of the Isle of Man have settled down to farming and tourism more recently.

This photo was taken just the other day when the spring high tide was accompanied by a bit of a storm The coast road on the east side of The Lake was receiving a quite a pounding. As you can see, I risked life and limb to bring you this image……



9 thoughts on “Surging Sea

      • We all have strange habits but licking your camera? How about a clear plastic bag large enough for your camera and hands but with a hole for the opening of the lens? It also appears that you have a good relationship with the authorities to allow you to wander around in somewhat dangerous locations. Or have they just given up on trying to corral this somewhat “crazy” photographer? Try to stay safe.

        • I thought that would get you going……in fact in cleaning my glasses after the storm I discovered they were covered in salt…..and how do you check for salt on your camera……by licking it…..but you are correct a plastic bag would have been sensible, though the camera is sealed against the weather. I was always in sight of the coastguard people and the road was closed after I arrived on the scene. Although my photos make it appear that I was too close to the water, it’s amazing what you can do with cropping an image. Perhaps you are correct about that crazy photographer, though…….and your concern for my well being is very kind, regards, John.

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