Two Swans a Swimming

Two Swans a Swimming


A second photo from our walk yesterday around Carlingwark Loch on a beautiful Winter’s afternoon.

The British weather couldn’t be more varied as today it has rained and sleeted nearly all day and the wind is a rushing through the trees giving a continuous background white noise humming and hissing and the occasional stronger buffeting. We had to put on all our wet weather overcoats for today’s walk, and no photography, we just came back with a soggy doggy.




9 thoughts on “Two Swans a Swimming

  1. John, this is a really a stunning image. The light is just right giving the entire image a painterly feeling. The detail on the swans and water around them is so sharp. Overall, it is a great composition. How long did you wait to get the swans into this perfect position? Or were they members of the acting guild? I know, you entertained them with three pipers pipping.
    Try to stay dry and warm, Tim

    • The swans always come up to you as they expect to be fed. I was busy attempting some swan close ups as they stood around me, and these two were part of the escorting flotilla and i turned quickly as I saw them in the perfect position. The light was lovely but this shot won’t stand close scrutiny, though I like the overall ambience of the light. Thanks Tim.

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