Clouds in the West

Clouds in the West

My last few posts have featured wintertime walls and they came from reprocessed photos that were taken a few years ago.

Today’s picture is from a couple of days ago when we took a walk with our friend who’s visiting from Japan. The afternoon gradually brightened and we were treated to a beautiful end to the day as we walked across the beach at Mossyard……one of our favourite places on the coast.

When we arrived the sea was right up to those footprints in the foreground. The tidal range is up to 9 metres, so the sand that you can see was uncovered very quickly.

The thing that made me get the camera out was the fabulous light and those gorgeous and majestic clouds. At last the weather is more settled, though due to get much colder towards the end of the week.



7 thoughts on “Clouds in the West

  1. That is an incredible array of clouds, John…something I’ve fallen in love with again up here near our Utah mountains…those wonderful clouds. This is a beautiful image….

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