The Sadhu’s Daughter

The Sadhu's Daughter



We had been driven through the market area of Ooty a few times and in passing I had noticed an interesting white marble temple. When you are being taken around a strange town, and the destination is not always clear, it’s not easy to yell out “Stop the car”.

Our hosts were frequently very accommodating and when sitting in the front seat with the camera at the ready they would often slow down or stop so that I could capture a mountain view, but our ideas about what might be photogenic were clearly very different. A night time fairground was not considered a suitable place for a photographic foray, and we failed to revisit a fascinating old town area near the harbour or a Theyyam Festival at a nearby village. Of course there were opportunities to ‘escape’ like I did when we were in Panjim in Goa, but you have to accept that photography, though a major purpose in visiting India, is only one aspect of a holiday with friends.

Not that I didn’t appreciate how much we did achieve. Our hosts were fantastic and entirely generous in their fabulous hospitality, so like a fisherman I can only ‘carp’ about the ones that got away!

…..but this one didn’t…..

The marble temple that I caught sight of was the Mahaveer Jain Temple just off Main Bazaar Road and in front of it there were the usual market shops and stalls, including this handsome man and what appeared to be his daughter. He was aware of my taking some photos, indeed I took a portrait of him, so his gestures towards the girl may have been  a bit of an act.

I have turned out not a few desaturated images recently, and it may not surprise you that there are at least 6 versions of this photo because I couldn’t quite feel satisfied with the post processing and I think that there should have been more separation between the figures and the background which still competes rather too strongly for our attention.

However….you are the judge and jury…….



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