The name Doddabetta means Big Mountain and with the summit at 8640 feet or 2660 metres, it’s the highest mountain in the south of India. It lies at the junction of the Eastern and Western Ghats and the views from the summit are just spectacular.

About 6000 feet below us in the distance can be seen parts of Ooty. It was interesting as we drove up through the different climate types to see forests of huge Gum trees, and this surprised me, for in my ignorance I had always thought that they only grew in Australia. …….Never to old to learn something new!

This mountain was the highest part of the planet that I’ve visited, beating Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand by 225 feet.



12 thoughts on “Doddabetta

  1. John, I really enjoy the depth and contrast in the clouds and long view is very nice. I’m bothered by two things. Is the photo level or is it lens that it causing the distortion. It may be my screen but the trees in the foreground seem to be very dark. Are they greener?

    • Hi Tim, thanks for your observations. I was aware of the horizon and am normally very critical about such things but when I straightened it, the foreground trees were not vertical and also I felt it gave that sense of being high up and of the drop being precipitous. I deliberately desaturated the colours in the foreground which was actually very dark because the photo was taken against the light and in lightening the trees they became far too dominating when a natural green. My view of photography is that it’s open to interpretation and I take a creative stance sometimes even against reality.
      Regards, John

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