NMR Coach

NMR Coach



Twice before on visits to the south of India I had intended to travel on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway, but each time had to change plans because of flooding and washed out roads, and the second time, owing to Ian’s sickness.

So it was third time lucky last November when we drove from Kannur and headed for the mountains. It was quite a climb. Many of the rural mountain roads are constantly in need of repair, no doubt because of the ferocious monsoon rains, so progress was slow. I can remember thinking, after the umpteenth hairpin bend, that we couldn’t possibly climb any higher, but still we went up. Our destination was Udagamandalam, or Ooty as it’s better known. Ooty was a British hill station and its altitude gave relief from the heat and humidity down on the coast.

This photo was taken when we called at the station to book our tickets for the following day and it shows the charming balcony at the end of one of the railway coaches on this narrow gauge line.



4 thoughts on “NMR Coach

  1. John, it sound like a wonderful and fascinating trip. I like the reflections on the windows and textural detail of the red gate. Taiwan has a number of narrow gauge rail lines that were built by the Japans during their occupation from 1896 to 1945 to pull resources out of Taiwan.
    This would be a perfect picture for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows.

  2. I like the scrolled ironwork on the balcony railing…and the photo’s finish…and your narrative, John. All very nice. 🙂

    I took my little one to the railroad museum in Ogden last summer, and while I wasn’t pleased with the photos overall, I might have to go back and revisit them and figure-out what I can do to salvage them for viewing. Your work is always an inspiration….

    • Yup, something a bit different…..but then you know I like antique trains. Thanks for your kind comments Scott, these encouragements go a long way in keeping me at it.

      I look forward to seeing your own Ogden pictures…..

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