Storm Surge

Storm Surge



Friday January 3 2014 was a seriously stormy day and a high Spring tide coincided with an Atlantic storm system that left many parts of the UK coastline inundated. Here the town of Kirkcudbright further up the estuary of the river Dee suffered flooding to the harbour area and in fact I should have been helping out at the Left Bank Gallery in the Harbour Square but with water lapping at the top step, it was decided to close and to pile up the sandbags.

This view was taken as I retreated quickly away from the incoming wave in order to avoid getting my shoes filled with water for the second time that day. It shows the coast road under water. The first time I have seen this happen. Locals tell me that this was the highest the sea has been since 1947.



23 thoughts on “Storm Surge

      • Most welcome, John….your storms made for some very dramatic and compelling images. Our side of the country didn’t get slammed with the “polar vortex” that the eastern states did, so it’s been fairly typical winter weather here in Utah. We have had some nice snow and lower temps, but it’s warming up a bit this week with highs in the 40s….makes for sunny hiking. 🙂

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