Woodland Stream



A period treatment of a photo taken at some indeterminate date that I placed on the desktop and then forgot about. This one has been through the mincer using PS, Nik Software, and Pixlr-O-Matic.

I think there’s something the matter with me…… well you probably guessed that………but I always have to try and improve on nature, and also what comes out of the camera……playing God……I think it comes from a deep routed insecurity.  Perhaps God is insecure as well, after all he has an onerous job, and he doesn’t always go with the flow……always meddling with creation……I wonder if He has access to Pixlr-O-Matic? ………we’ve had some nice sunsets recently…..



14 thoughts on “Woodland Stream

  1. It seem as this is an unusual image for you.
    As to the issue of changing nature … we seem to be wanting to do that all the time, visually or physically. As to my knowledge of Gods action, well, my pay grade is well below his/her level. Plus I don’t think he/she thinks I have the need to know. Nature can be beautiful, as you mentioned with the sunsets.

  2. Meddling with pictures of nature is far less dangerous, and far funnier, than meddling with Mother Nature herself. It all comes down to the love of playing, I guess 🙂

  3. All I can say is that it was very effective meddling. A lovely peaceful image. If you can, please try meddling with the weather so that we don’t need to suffer weather events like the on in your post ‘Storm Surge’. 🙂

    • Don’t forget, Scott, that this is Scotland…..you would have to pick your day, and I guess that there’s quite a lot more water in that quiet stream today after the heavy rain we’ve had……..but you are right, we need those peaceful places close at hand to keep ourselves on an even keel.

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