A Long Journey

A Long Journey



It’s 08.26 on the morning of Friday 22 February 2013 and we are just 16 minutes into the journey and already passengers are starting to doze.

We are onboard the Ernad Express, train number 16606, departs Ernakulum Junction South at 08.10 and have 6 hours 10 minutes to wait before we arrive at Kannur Main at 14.20. If I remember correctly we arrived at 14.35.

Trains in India are perfect for photography and this one had about 19 coaches so there is much to explore. If you get bored you can stand at an open door and catch the breeze while watching the countryside go by. What’s more you would never go hungry. Every 10 minutes or so someone is sure to pass down the train selling chai or food. What a life. What an adventure!

Wish I was there now…….



16 thoughts on “A Long Journey

    • Hi Krithya, yes, always an adventure. On one journey a few years ago I travelled for miles on a metre gauge train that was absolutely packed. Spent most of the journey sitting high up on a luggage rack……couldn’t see a thing.

  1. Great shot. It reminds me of traveling in Taiwan where most are fast asleep within minutes of taking a seat. The more I look at your photos and another photographer who photographs India the more I’d like to visit India

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