Posing Artisans

Posing Artisans



This post, done on 8th January 2014, marks the second anniversary of smithiesshutter on WordPress. Over the two years since I first posted on 8th January 2012 I have uploaded 941 images and completed 875 separate posts.

More importantly between us we have contributed 5295 comments and over the past year there have been over 15,ooo visitors, which is staggering, considering I sit in lonely isolation while preparing stuff for this blog…………. but many of you I regard as friends and I have seen your blogs grow and blossom as we have shared the ether together.

My thanks to every single one of you for your friendship and support and I promise to try to visit your blogs more regularly this year.

Best regards, John.



26 thoughts on “Posing Artisans

  1. Hi John,
    Congratulations on the beginning of your third year of postings. I look forward to seeing additional photos and learning more about them and the places where you photograph. I do consider you a friend and I hope the feeling is mutual. I look forward to your continued and important critiques of my photos.

  2. I love the faces in this picture – especially the young man towards the front with the bandana – he looks positively angelic. I’ll enjoy following your blog and am glad that you stumbled across mine so that I could find yours!

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