Mr Kaisar’s Scooter

Mr Kaiser's Scooter


You can probably tell that I love wandering around old towns with my camera. It’s not a job I can do easily when with friends, and when you are on holiday you usually have friends around you. On this occasion we managed to get separated and though they did their best to keep track of my whereabouts, on this particular day I think that they gave up when I was confronted by a rather disagreeable dog and an equally disagreeable owner who felt that it was his duty to point me in the direction of the more usual tourist sites.

I try not to do the tourist parts. They are usually tarted up. I’d rather seek out the real India. The places where real people live and where they walk their disagreeable dogs.

8 thoughts on “Mr Kaisar’s Scooter

  1. I know that the title of the picture is Scooter but because the image is broad I want to see the house behind the scooter more than the scooter. The house seems to be more fascinating.

    You mentioned the disagreeable ndividual who directed you to leave. Is this a common occurrence?

    • Thanks, Tim, an interesting comment.
      The selection of viewpoint and the framing of an image is what it’s all about. The building certainly is very interesting but my view was that just a part of it was sufficient to present its character. What interested me was the contrast between the wreck of a building and the modern bike and scooter. So it becomes a comment on how the world moves on. Even so, I’m pleased that you are left wanting more…..

      As for the disagreeable man, it was the dog I was more concerned about. It seemed very uncontrollable. I have very rarely found people in India to be disagreeable, in fact they are invariably quite the opposite.

    • Thanks Adrian for your enquiry. This picture is a section from a 3 shot HDR which was processed and a second tone mapping applied plus a filter from NIK Software. Several blurs and vignetting finished the job. I enjoyed working on this one…..

  2. Before I even scrolled down to see the whole image, I knew I’d like it! First the colors, then the texture, finally … the scooter 🙂

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