Better Days….

Better Days....


Here’s to better days…

Looking back I might be tempted to think that there was a time when things were better………but that is a deception, it was never perfect.

There are ups and there are downs, and I know that tomorrow will never be perfect either.

But we strive to be better and we hope that things will get better…..we strive and we hope, that’s what we hold onto….

Optimism is a strange beast and sometimes can seem like an endangered species and though I’m not one for new year resolutions, one thing do I know, the glory days are still to come…….



13 thoughts on “Better Days….

  1. Yes, John…to better days. And regarding Hope…there’s a quote from a favorite movie of mine, The Shawshank Redemption…”Hope is a good thing…maybe the best of things….”

    And it’s a very compelling image, too…that soft focus or blur around the edges gives it an interesting perspective…I find it very appealing.

    • May hope continue to spring eternal, Scott… all your doings of 2014……but I find it difficult to grasp that it’s been 14 years since the millennium…… time flies…..and it’s use becomes more vital with every advancing year……

      Bike and blur seems to work o.k. …….thanks for the encouragement, Scott.

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