Calangute Cat

Calangute Cat


Being stalked by a pussy cat is scary….I think it must be a primitive response inherited from the days when we dragged our women around by the hair and hunted zebras with spears.

Forget the idea that pussies are nice to stroke …………..

this must be similar to being transfixed by at the eye of a snake.

Fortunately that primitive response of the hunter came to the fore and I had the presence of mind to take a 3 picture HDR sequence while minimising depth of field as the creature itself was transfixed by the eye of the camera……how lucky was that?

We need to bring out all those latent skills when on a photo-shoot…..

Put it down to primeival instinct.



5 thoughts on “Calangute Cat

  1. I was going to suggest that you had managed to capture some fantastic detail while you were being hunted yourself, but you’ve already addressed that aspect of the photo wonderfully with your own words. Very crisp detail, John. I like it a lot.

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