Old House Interior

Old House Interior



It’s strange how two plastic chairs have added an ‘old master’ quality to this faded interior. The cobwebs, the blue and green toplights, the once fine floor and the religious ikons all contribute their own particular character to the scene.

I thought that there were a number of potential compositional crops but in the end chose to show the full frame. I probably should have given that patch of sunlight more of a ‘spotlight’ quality to add a bit more drama……. but that’s for another day.



4 thoughts on “Old House Interior

  1. In spite of the age, the cobwebs, the abandonment … there’s a strong sense of comfort in that room … I don’t know if that makes sense … it seems like it was a room that had more good than bad memories… or maybe I’m just a wee bit too fanciful. 🙂

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