Travel by train……. What memories spring to mind!

As a child I can recall only one journey by train with my parents, for my father always had a car, and so that was the preferred method of reaching our holiday destination. In the 1950s that invariably was to the Coast of Wales, north of Barmouth. It may have been that our 1937 Morris 10, was in the garage for repair, but I have a vivid recollection of walking down the wide two flight staircase onto platform five at the magnificent Snow Hill station in Birmingham. Half way down those stairs I stopped and looked through the railings. Just opposite the stairs, and waiting on a London train in platform seven, was a vision of a steam locomotive. From that moment I was hooked.

In the 50s my younger sister and I went to the Saturday matinee at the local Odeon, and the previous week we had watched a short film where a train; obviously a model even then, had careered dramatically off a spindly viaduct to its destruction onto the rocks below, and on this particular journey to the Welsh Coast, our train had to cross the long viaduct across the wide Mawddach Estuary. You can appreciate how a young and imaginative mind can absorb all those new experiences, and the thought of crossing the viaduct, that was visible through the carriage window as the railway approached, was more than a seven year old could stand. The histrionics must have upset the entire carriage, but, of course, we crossed safely. On reflection, I think that fear is not a bad thing, though the things that trouble us can still creep into our thoughts and dreams in the early hours.

Today’s photo is, to my way of thinking, just lovely. Here is Anu bearing up well while we were on a six and a half hour train journey from Kannur in Kerala, to Margao in Goa.

It took me quite a while to extract this image from a video sequence. In the past I have used Apples iMovie to edit video and it was so straight forward to copy a single frame, and for that matter, easy to put together a fairly sophisticated movie. Not now, it seems. The latest version is so unlike Apple software that I could even suggest that they’ve got a rotten apple there.

I think I’m starting to ramble so see you all another day…..



9 thoughts on “Anu

  1. It is a nice photo and I does stimulate memories. When it comes to trains there are many for me but one of the most vivid is boarding a train going from the San Francisco Bay Area on the west coast of America to Chicago. I was by myself headed to live with my father. I was a sophomore in high school and I had my own compartment. It was a thrill for a 13 year old to be on his own but even more so to have the entire train to explore. I’ve ridden many trains when traveling in different parts of the world. Taiwan has some of the best, with the high speed rail that runs almost the entire length of the west side of the island. It is fast, I’ve been on it at 298 kph, clean, and smooth. I’m too rambling.

    • So happy, Allen, that it has prompted you to remember those precious memories, and thanks for relaying them. Memories have made us what we are, so it’s not just being maudlin to remember. Thanks again.

  2. Beautifully composed, John…I like the crop very much, with the intimate-ness of the youngster and the older woman providing a shadowed background. Thank you for sharing your memories, too…they inform the image and greatly diminish the miles between us. Wonderful post….

    • Thank you Scott, your kind words and thoughtful comments are so very encouraging. It’s strange but only recently I have begun to gain a perspective on life, and to be able to do that through photos; and my blog narrative is proving to be quite therapeutic…….and cheaper than a shrink.
      Have a great Christmas, Scott. We have all the boys and families here over the festive season….a full house in fact……and no time for lieing on the couch with my blog/shrink……best regards, John

  3. You’re very welcome, John…you are a favorite friend here and it’s always a pleasure visiting. I hope your holiday happiness is therapy in itself…but wish you some quiet-time, as well. 🙂

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