No Admission Without Permission

No Admission Without Permission


The old Portuguese House again that I came across while following the back lanes behind our hotel in Calangute.

There are so many ways that you can choose to present an image and sometimes I will explore several different styles by using tone mapping or sometimes, a Nik Software filter….I often use the Bleach Bypass filter that gives…….well, a nice bleached out effect.

Here, though, I used the lens correction tool to straighten the verticals and then tilted the image to bring the foreground more into prominence, and to push the doorway further away, and this gave me  a longer progression from front to back.

I like the dusty textures and the touches of colour. Do you see the blue? I’ve only just noticed the blue cross painted above the door. A place not to be visited at night, perhaps.



13 thoughts on “No Admission Without Permission

  1. I like it in an almost visceral way, hard to name the reasons, but it is so complete. Very nice, John….and yes, we’d probably do best to stay away after sunset. 🙂

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