Behind the Facade

Behind the Facade



Calangute is a typical busy, blustering sort of place full of honking horns and a myriad of shops, some a little more upmarket, but most of them catering for the local trade, and others, especially nearer the beach, catering for the tourist. Like most Indian towns there are few tidy sidewalks and even on those you have to dodge the parked motorbikes and scooters, if not the wares of the shops, that tumble out into every available space.

Crossing the street is all about confidence while holding onto the belief that no one will deliberately run you down, so the art is to weave and shimmy your way across between the lines of slowly moving traffic. The only ones you watch out for are the buses. They take no prisoners.

So Calangute is a busy, dusty and noisy place just like any other town. Nothing remarkable, so it would be unfair to judge Goa on the basis of a walk along its streets. However, a short walk between the buildings and suddenly you are into a different experience altogether. Behind the chaotic facade; behind the ribbon of noise and unbridled commercialism, there exists a tranquil and unhurried life that continues, no doubt, as it has for centuries. Within a stones throw is forest and cow barns and people relaxing on their veranda, and giving a friendly wave in your passing. The contrast is amazing. I love exploring. Shame about the garbage though.

India you need to sort your rubbish…..



3 thoughts on “Behind the Facade

  1. Yes, behind the ribbon of noise, as you say, that would be my destination. Very interesting trees, John…and I’m glad you left the blue on the buildings in the background.

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