Trolley Twosome

Trolley Twosome



On the hoof and looking for opportunities for photography means holding the camera in the right hand with the strap wrapped around the wrist and so being ready for instant decisions. With buildings and wider scenes you have time to pick your spot, but with the closer street portraits it’s often the case of shoot first and edit later.

Just before this shot I’d been photographing the old Portuguese house that was posted yesterday and had set the ISO to 1600 but even with this and a -1 exposure compensation the camera was down to 1/15 second at f/3.5………ridiculous ……….. hand held and photographing people at 1/15 second…….nuts.

This is not thinking on your feet Smithie…………..setting up the camera so that you have total control of everything in reality means greater opportunities to cock it up.

I wonder if I should try a days shooting with auto ISO instead of manual………….the thing is, I’m terrified of high ISO noise…..

All I can say is, thank goodness for the Olympus in-camera image stabilisation.



6 thoughts on “Trolley Twosome

  1. Frustration? I walk around with my camera set to aperture priority. This gives me the control over ISO and in most cases I’m not trying to capture something that is moving fast. I’m more worried about getting the right combination with the camera set to manual and then miss the shot.
    Luck and a strong visual eye plays an important factor as well. Go for it.

  2. Noise is a beautiful thing in B&W. And now we have digital post editing for adjustments. I still like film B&W with lots of grain. That’s just me preference. That’s a nice happy shot by the way.

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