At Chirakkal Chira

At Chirrakkal Chira


A beautiful morning…’s 07.52… the leafy suburbs of Kannur……….and all is well with the world.

Well, no, it isn’t…….

…No!, …..are you sure?…..A fine house, reflected in a lake covered with amazing cerise flowers, lush green vegetation: a scene of quiet pastoral loveliness where people are going about their lives, taking refreshment from the cool and cleansing water……

Hmmm, yes, of course… are right….but……I left in the red poster and the floating rubbish.

Oh, I see…..well I suppose the picture would be better without them. That poster is a bit distracting. Wait a minute, I see what you’re getting at……this is about to edit, or not to edit…..isn’t it?

Well, partly…..more than that, it’s about truth and lies, and about my intentions…..are they honourable….in wanting to make a perfect composition out of a not quite perfect paradise?

Perfection again…..well get rid of the poster and so on…… one will know.

Yes, but allentimphotos2 was gaining the impression from all my recent posts that the south of India was somehow better than the north……more of a tropical paradise, and although it may be slightly less crowded, it suffers from the same issues as the north with what seems like uncontrolled advertising posters and hoardings…..and there’s more, a large proportion of the population seems hellbent on turning the country into a rubbish dump……….



14 thoughts on “At Chirakkal Chira

    • Thanks very much, and agree with your comment, Mick. The thing is, editing is relatively easy and it’s very tempting to sanitise the world for the sake of making an arty photo. I do think that editing is valid, but where do you draw the line?

      • That has to be up to the individual to express as they wish. I have to say that I personally hate too strong false colours which I see all too often in people’s photos – a bit like orange false tan – looks horrible. Editing things out though is a much harder call IMHO.

  1. I admired the photo for some time and only noticed the sign after reading your post! Beautiful nonetheless!

    I am excited to see the contrast of north and south. My home is Nagpur which is right in the middle… best of both world? I don’t know yet.

    I hope you are well!

    • Welcome Lauren, and thanks for your comment. I am now recovered from jet-lag after returning home to Scotland, but missing India already. I have yet to visit Nagpur, though I’v been to Bhopal which is about 200 miles away….have you been to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve?

      • Hi Lauren……….I see from your blog that you are just setting out on a great adventure…..a new life in a new country…..I wish you and your new husband every blessing on the journey.
        Best regards,

  2. Personal choice my friend! I tend to leave everything as is, ‘Warts and All’ because a photographic image is capturing moment of time as is, so to edit everything out changes from reality to…..whatever is in the mind of the photographer or his interpretation of the image. Either way in fact is ok with me because i either like an image or i don’t, thats my choice 🙂 What I personally don’t like is highly edited, completely changed photoshop heavy images that blatantly lie or misrepresent something like a product, scene or model…that’s just wrong!….Ha ha, now I’m rambling 🙂

    Great image BTW

  3. I’m with you … highly edited photos are not my favorites. And truly … this is a beautiful photo, with reality left right in there. I’m kind of a realistic kind of gal.

  4. Cropping something out is about as far as I go with sanitizing the content of the image, but as you’ve mentioned in the past, when we do that, it doesn’t remove it from the scene, just takes it out of the image that we share…there’s always more. I like that you’ve kept the photo as-is…and as Lauren said above, I didn’t notice the poster/placard and trash until I read about it…the elements of the photo speak for it…I noticed the color and the flowers…the rest provide context. I like it a lot, John.

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