I am pretty sure that I’ve never been on a beach before with so many other people and they mostly seem to be enjoying themselves though earlier while we sat under the awning at a beach front cafe, the coast guard jeep was touring up and down asking everyone to keep out of the sea as there had been some drownings that morning.

That particular piece of news seemed to have absolutely no impact on the numbers enjoying the surf, though I don’t think that I would have taken the risk as there were motor boats coming in to pick up groups to be bounced across the waves on rubber rings as well as jet skis weaving in amongst the bathers. Absolute bedlam.

Have you noticed the guy in the striped top?

I only noticed him when I came to prepared this post. He’s wagging his finger at me. A self appointed guardian of public morality who seems to be saying “You can’t take photos here.” There were plenty of locals taking photos, particularly with camera phones. Perhaps there’s a local by-law about using ‘proper’ cameras on the beach?

Sorry, that was unfair on camera phone users but it was a very public beach, so I guess that family snaps are o.k. but social documentary photos are not……..



4 thoughts on “Calangute

  1. Very nice photo. Yes, there does seem to be a lot of people on the beach. The guy wagging his finger at you seems to appear to be official with a laniard around his neck and writing across his stripped shirt. This gives your photo a degree of being clandestine. Kind of fun if it does not lead to something more serious.

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