Flowers by the Lake

Flowers by the Lake


Some photographers major on flower pictures, and I think the only time that I entered a flower photo for a club competition, the judge complained that it wasn’t a perfect specimen. Actually it was a pretty cr*ppy photo with far too much contrast. I don’t suppose though, that a judge would make the same comment if he were judging a portrait competition.

“This young lady, John, is not a perfect specimen. She has a mole on her neck, and why, John, didn’t you make her eyes blue. Blue makes so much more impact than brown.” ……..though I have heard a judge complain that the stunning photo of a diving eagle was marked down because the plumage wasn’t perfect……..get real

Perhaps he was implying that a bit of nifty editing was called for…..and I’m all for nifty editing…..and guilty as charged

… we come to another of my miserable flower specimens…..struggling to bring a bit of colour into the world.

Perhaps if I put it down as just a record shot without any pretensions of perfection, I won’t get any flack….



8 thoughts on “Flowers by the Lake

  1. The record-shot counts in my book…that’s what so much of my photography is…I was here and this is what I saw, and it’s beautiful because it’s real. Anyway…I like the image, John…it’s a beautiful flower….

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