Dusk at Chirakkal Chira

Dusk at Chirakkal Chira


The light is going fast so we’re on 30th sec at f/3.7 with an ISO of 2000 and the photo was taken at 18.11 which would be about half an hour after sunset, thus you can see some of the lights coming on. I took photos here over several days and each time the light was different and it gave each take a different quality, so although the subject matter was similar, trees, water, and sky; the outcome was dependent on the varying clarity of the air and the warm or cool colour of the light. This is what I like about photography and the benefit of digital in being able to control the sensitivity of the camera which means that when it gets dark, you don’t necessarily need a tripod. I took a lightweight travel tripod with me but it never came out of the case.

Perhaps, though, some of the temple interiors would have benefitted from its use……….just laziness on my part.



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