The gentleman of the temple who said, “No!”

“No Photographs of the Sanctum.” Well that’s just dandy, I thought, “So may I take a photo of your good self?” I said.

“Where do you want me to stand?” he said.

Hmmm, well if I were telling a story, that’s how it would start, and he did say no photographs, and he did stand while I took his photo, but when his English was limited and my Malayalam is non existent you might say that we had a non-verbal conversation.

A pujari is a temple attendant who presumably conducts a puja, which I had received many years earlier on the shores of a sacred lake at Pushkar in Rajasthan on a day when a deluge from above had filled an empty lake and drowned nine people in the flash floods that had hit the nearby town of Ajmer and filled the streets with six feet of mud……..but that’s another time and another place…….and before I leave that particular memory; Pushkar was the place where I had the best apple crumble I’ve ever tasted.

A very handsome Pujari, is he not?……..



10 thoughts on “Pujari

    • A good question Allen. The mark is called a tilak and in this case it’s an example of a priest with a sign of the deities blessing. I don’t know what the cord was for and some of my other photos show it going behind him with nothing attached. It may simply be for the temple keys.

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