Bathing at Chirakkal Chira

Bathing at Chirakkal Chira



The pattern of life that we adopt is determined by our needs, by economics and by opportunities. The climate of India can be very debilitating and even those who live daily under the tropical sun, sometimes find it too much to bear. Bathing may be part of a faith ritual or it might simply be a way to cool off at the end of the day and so a need is met in a convenient pond on the way home from work. This action takes place all over India, though I was surprised to find it in the suburbs of a city. The slap, slap, slap of washing clothes at the side of a pond is a familiar sound in villages everywhere and I’ve even seen pilgrims taking a ritual wash on the platform of a railway station. To me washing is something done in private and once again I was uncertain whether it would be acceptable to take a photo, so this time, I asked. and they said yes.



12 thoughts on “Bathing at Chirakkal Chira

      • My wife Jane Ingram Allen had a month long artist residency in Nepal and we really enjoyed it. However, we have considered India but I’m reluctant because of the crowding you see in movies and other media. Your photos show a different side of India. Thanks for sharing them.

        • Travel anywhere in India is an interesting experience and if you are of a nervous disposition you might want to limit the amount of road travel you do and fly between centres, though meeting people on long distance buses and train is half the fun. Cities are always busy, but once out in rural areas there’s much to see and I would recommend Rajasthan, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu for quieter areas. India is not a country to spend a holiday, it is a vast country and I go for the experience of a different culture. Above all, the people are very friendly and tolerant of idiots like me!

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