Sanctum Light

Sanctum Light


Sometimes it’s necessary to be a little devious…..just a little…..

So at this location; the Kizhakkakara Sree Krishna Temple by the Chirakkal Lake in Kannur, I took the photo first, then asked if I could take some photos afterwards.

The answer, of course was, “No!”

I had already set up the camera: I was using my Olympus OM-D to take three bracketed shots in quick succession, but the light was low and even with an ISO of 2500 I was unsure whether three hand held shots in that light would work.

Most of the time, asking first is the proper and usual procedure, but there are certain locations like this where you know that people will be touchy and are likely to churn out the standard response. It was the same in the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Panjim, Goa, so you learn to be circumspect and try to take your photos discreetly.

It’s more difficult when worshippers are involved and in another Kannur temple I tried to take more distant shots, though with less success. I know that if I were there making my prayerful offering I would object to some ‘saaip’ poking his lens in between me and my deity.




3 thoughts on “Sanctum Light

    • The thought of becoming a member of the paparazzi is not something I aspire to, but sometimes a subject cries out to be photographed and when seemingly petty restrictions get in the way then it becomes my tireless duty to circumvent them…..

      ……and taking photographs of holy places does not defame them, nor does it intrude on their sanctity but it can be intrusive when a person is meditating or worshipping…..that’s a private thing between them and their god….so many times you have to desist.

      The temple officer who said “No!”, was happy to pose for his own photograph….

      I suppose we have three choices: ask, don’t ask, or shoot and run like hell……

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