Temple Across the Lake

Temple Across the Lake



After arriving in India at Calicut, our friends Shyju and Zai drove us north along the coast to Kannur where Shyju has a beautiful house in the quiet and leafy suburb of Chirakkal.

Driving anywhere in India is not for the faint hearted so we needed some recovery time and as the evening drew on, I took a stroll around the large pond called Chairakkal Chira which has several temples on it’s banks, including this one glimpsed through the grasses.

It will take me some time to wade through the several thousand photos taken on this trip and I hope to be posting a small selection here between now and Christmas………you could just grin and bear it, or maybe come back in February when I’ve got over my obsession with India.

Actually it’s an obsession with photography……..and I don’t think I’ll be giving that up anytime soon…..

You can’t get tablets for that affliction.




5 thoughts on “Temple Across the Lake

  1. And we don’t want you, or any of us, either, to take tablets for this affliction….

    I’m glad you captured the building through the grass…it provides a nice framing, and the slight opening toward the left allows us, actually draws us out to the temple. Very nice, John.

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