Glen Trool

Glen Trool


You will find an earlier view of Loch Trool posted on September 18th. This view is my favourite. The balance and the clarity of the light gives this photo a tactile quality that makes you believe you could step into the Loch. I can feel the cool water and see the ripples my feet make as they spread out across the surface, giving gentle undulations to the reflections.

Chill out time.



8 thoughts on “Glen Trool

  1. Hmmm – as you’re putting me in the position of having to choose ….. !
    It’s a tough one but I eventually settled on your earlier image. They are both beautiful but I find myself more engaged with, more a part of, the earlier one. I think it’s down to the warmer tones and lack of ’empty’ space (sky, water) that makes it feel more intimate to me.

  2. Difficult decision here John. When looking at this shot I feel like stretching my arms skywards, taking in a long, deep breath of that clean fresh air and then exclaiming ‘Ah, that feels good’. Both good shots in their own right, though I would have to go for for this one.

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