High Street, Kirkcudbright

High Street, Kirkcudbright


The old High Street is here seen from the Tolbooth at the point where it turns at right angles. The Tolbooth was the former prison and now houses an art gallery. The town name is pronounced Ker-coo-bree, as regular visitors here will already know. The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that the bins are out, so this picture must have been taken on a Tuesday. Sorry about the slightly over-cooked sky……the picture is an unruly HDR composite.



6 thoughts on “High Street, Kirkcudbright

  1. So, how tall is the Toolbooth? Looks like you were on a real high spot. I like the “unruly HDR composite” 🙂 also the colors of the cars, the flowers in the window boxes. Neat picture!

    • Oh, sorry LB….just caught up with your comment……I was going to post a picture of the Tolbooth but never got around to it. It’s a 3 story former goal and the picture was taken through a tiny round and very dirty window.

  2. Seems we’ve all got a day when “the bins are out,” don’t we? Another way to mark the passing of time. I like the image, John. I’ve mentioned it previously, but a look down your old streets remind me of my childhood in Germany…cobbled streets and stone chimneys…and likely a smell of fresh-baked bread and wood-smoke in the air.

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