From Standingstone Hill

From Standingstone Hill


It was an unexpectedly glorious day and I took the coast road, as I do about three times each week, in order to visit my parents at Barlochan House in Palnackie.

After Dundrennan with its ancient abbey, the road rises up through Balmangan Glen and then runs along the hill at Stockmoss Farm with its fine new cow shed…….the roof blew off the old cow sheds in the winter gales early in the year……and I pulled off the road at the point where the road starts its steady descent to Auchencairn.

The gentle landscape here is quite lovely such that, further down the road, there’s a viewpoint where you can park up.

The view stretches out across the Solway with its prominent wind farm, and in the distance you can see the mountains of the English Lake District that today were very clear after overnight rain……a beautiful view.


……and just today I discover that they want to put up a 45 metre wind turbine here………please leave our landscape alone…….stop industrialising the countryside.



2 thoughts on “From Standingstone Hill

    • A beautiful day, LB. there was a cool breeze but the sun was hot and the grasses and seed heads were swaying and there was a faint rustle of the trees…..and the last of the swallows were dipping and turning….planet Earth at its best.

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