Climbing to Shap Summit

Climbing to Shap Summit


On midsummer’s day we travelled south into Cumbria to meet our son who was coming to visit us in Scotland. While we were waiting for Martin and the children to arrive I took the opportunity to photograph this group of trees while the sun was shining…..which it did quite beautifully this summer.

In the background can be seen the track of the West Coast Mainline which at this point is climbing the fierce gradient up to Shap Summit. In the 1960s I visited this area while on my way to visit Scotland on a camping tour with a friend and we paused here to photograph the steam engines. The picture below reminds me of the steep and twisting nature of the route and it shows a Black Five, number 44862 hauling a freight towards Carlisle and Scotland…….those were happy days.

Two photos today to celebrate my 800th post and 650th follower………thanks especially to those of you who visit regularly and offer encouragement.

Best regards,



Shap Steam 1967


3 thoughts on “Climbing to Shap Summit

  1. I like those Fall tones in the first, John…and the vintage feel of the second. Very nice. Congratulations on your blogging successes, too….I’m so glad you’re here. 🙂

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