Mossy Wall

Mossy Wall


The Low Bridge of Tarff, otherwise known as Cumstoun Bridge is the destination of one of our favourite walks along the banks of the River Dee.

It’s the point where we stop to rest and to take in the the view from the bridge. Here the Tarff winds its way through reed beds where, if you are lucky, you might catch the flash of a Kingfisher as it darts along the river. South of the bridge the river is braided before it joins the Dee just below the Tongland Bridge seen in the post of two days ago.

The alternative name for the bridge comes from the fact that the road crossing here leads to Cumstoun Hall.

In this view we look along the south western wing-wall of the bridge as the westering sun highlights the mosses and lichens on its surface. A different view of this bridge can be seen here.



15 thoughts on “Mossy Wall

  1. The wall that never divided the greens/forest connects the two and let the branches reach out to the other side..over its is messy and mossy 🙂

  2. This is a lovely shot, and a reminder of the joys that autumn can bring to photographers. I shall be sorry to loose the summer though, since we don’t seem to get one very often.

  3. I remember being fond of the black and white in the earlier image…over a year already…and rather enjoy the reds, yellows, and green that you caught in this one. Very nice, John.

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