Alley Entropy

Alley Entropy


I believe there are several meanings to the word entropy.

In one sense this photo turns it on its head because some of the paraphernalia in this picture uses mechanical work to remove the thermodynamic element from the system….

…..but on the other hand the word entropy is appropriate here as there is clearly a gradual decline into disorder in this alley.

If you don’t understand what I’m writing about then I have failed on the third meaning of entropy which is concerned with a measure of the rate of transfer of information in my message.

A bit of a dog’s dinner………..rather like this alleyway.



13 thoughts on “Alley Entropy

    • Hi, and thanks.
      I had been reading about how the universe might end….and entropy was one possible scenario..and just to cheer you up, I think the most likely end will be the big rip where everything flies apart……that’s something to look forward to.

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