Summertime at Mossyard

Summertime at Mossyard


This is one of our favourite parts of the coast, and on a perfect summer’s day we came here with our son and grandchildren, and Toby the dog, for a picnic on the beach. Poor Toby couldn’t cope with seeing so many humans throwing themselves into the sea and needing to be rescued, so keeping him quiet wasn’t easy.

…..and being so unused to the strong sun, I came away with very red knees, but we had a great time, and I took this two-image panoramic shot of Mossyard Bay and Ben John in order to preserve the memory.



6 thoughts on “Summertime at Mossyard

      • I know what you mean…I found a red face/skull on a Sandhill Crane the other day and was glad I had worn my cap. 😉

        Yes, we’re still having a bit of summer here…temperatures up in the mid to high 90s for us (mid-30s over there?)…don’t enjoy that very much, although it’s usually cooler up in the mountains..and a bit closer to the sun, too. 😉

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