Twilight, Airds of Kells

Twilight, Airds of Kells


This view was taken near to the viaduct that was posted two days ago and it shows the woodland bordering the west side of Loch Ken.

The processing of this image was entirely experimental with some layers of posterisation over the original. I tried using noise and colour filtering initially to reduce the complexity of the detail, then added blur and sharpen filters and in a way, it is ‘work in progress’.

The subject matter and light reminded me of the German Romantic movement of painting, and of  Caspar David Friedrich in particular, but I need to go and study their methods and approach. I’ve just come across a Scottish painter called Joseph Farquharson who produced the painting below which shows sunlight coming through trees. It’s from 1904 and has the title, ‘The Sun Has Closed the Winter Day’ which may provide further inspiration.


Joseph Farquharson

11 thoughts on “Twilight, Airds of Kells

  1. There looks to be some magic in your photograph, John…very nice. I like the Farquharson image, as well…would enjoy walking that road with the sheep…..

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