Waterfront Sunset

Waterfront Sunset



A peaceful end to a long day.

The city had been strangely quiet all day with deserted roads as this was the second day of a strike, so there were no buses, taxis or autos and everywhere was closed, except for the station where we went to collect our tickets for the next day’s rail journey north to Kannur.

Oh, and we found a very nice restaurant that was open where we ate, Kerala style, with our fingers from a banana leaf.

At around 5.45 I spent an hour walking south towards the shore park and stopped off on the way to watch several impromptu cricket matches that were taking place under some large old trees. There was some stylish batting. Then I joined the throng of evening strollers along the waterfront as the sun was setting.

Returning to the hotel, the city was gradually coming back to life. First a few street stalls and ice cream vendors, then the first autos, and a few restaurants starting to open.

In my diary I note that the evening meal at the hotel consisted of savoury rice, cauliflower and chicken…..eaten with a spoon, this time……



9 thoughts on “Waterfront Sunset

  1. I enjoy the photo very much, John…and your details of the day/evening, as well…and I like, too, that you kept a diary of such things during your travels, even of your dinner. It’s easy to be there with you in that other world…..

    • Thanks Scott, I sometimes think that that other other world is more real inside my head…….and I always keep a detailed diary as my memory isn’t too good these days. Back into that other world in November…..yippee…

      • Yes, John…I think I know what that’s all about, what’s more real for us….. The way time seems to be flying past so quickly, it will be November again soon…. 🙂

        And you’re most welcome.

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