On St Mary’s Isle

On St Mary's Isle


I was just playing around with this…….

and having spent quite a while in the doing of…….

I wasn’t going to ditch it……so I stuck it here

Sometimes you have half an idea, but don’t always have the whit or wherewithal to quite reach your destination…….



7 thoughts on “On St Mary’s Isle

  1. “All the Marys” of St. Mary’s Isle (including myself) are glad you didn’t ditch this photograph. There is something wonderful and mysterious lurking beneath all that luscious greenery.

    • Mmmm….you might find what’s lurking is frustration, doubt and uncertainty……which may account for the haunted look. There seems to be a miasmic leprechaun dancing there…
      I think it was those highlights that eventually defeated me……..now where did I put those tablets.

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