Pink and Yellow

Pink and Yellow

As a break from all those portraits, here is a rock……a pretty pink rock with a spot of yellow, but just a rock all the same.

More and more these days, as I wonder around with my trusty OM-D, I reflect on the complexity of everything that I see; from the sudden spurt of plant life in amazing profusion when warmer weather arrives, to the shape and colour of the rocks on the shore; the flying insects, the cycle of birth and death…..all on this one small planet. The product of 4.54 billion years evolution. You may believe that it was created, or that it created itself. Either way……’s stunning, awe inspiring, and beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Pink and Yellow

    • Hi Bob…..I think that you could still manage this one….it’s all of 5 feet high….so even I could clamber over it…..but I know what you mean, the scale is deceiving, it looks like it could be the side of a mountain.

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