Gallery Portrait

Gallery Portrait


This is the third of my portraits taken recently in the Royal Hibernian Academy.

For my part I feel that the gallery was a good location to approach people because they were browsing and more prepared to stop and talk, whereas in the street most people are in a hurry to get somewhere.

I don’t know her name. How do you ask a beautiful woman her name without feeling too pushy…..I felt that having a camera in your face is intrusion enough. She does seem to be so very self assured and confident….a very friendly and wise face….can’t you just love her for her trusting nature……..

I chose to keep these portraits as colour images. Colour is living, here and now, and vital.



20 thoughts on “Gallery Portrait

  1. That’s a really great photo of an interesting woman. It’s all you described in her face but there is one more (and here we are aigain with problems in translations – perhaps you can consult with your German daughter-in-law 😉 ) It is the German saying: “den Schalk im Nacken haben”

        • It’s the same process as is used to take tonal information from multiple images in HDR composites, but done with a single picture. In essence it maximises the tonal contrasts within each section of the tonal range thus bringing out detail in the shadows, highlight and mid tones. I use either Photomatix Pro or Nik software. You can download Photomatix for a trial period. It is easy to overcook like it’s easy to oversharpen……you just have to avoid being heavy handed.

  2. I just love faces and never seem to quite get it right… love this shot John. Inspires me to get it right 🙂 She has a very interesting face I agree…


    • Thanks Stephen…..but you have some amazing photos on your blog. There are many atmospheric landscapes and some striking and colourful ones too. I just don’t feel confident when it comes to colour.
      Anyway, my portraits are the result of much processing and a lot of uncertainty….they don’t come easy.

      • I think I’m beginning to understand when you say that they don’t come easy.. I have really started to think more about what I am shooting lately. Playing with shutter speed etc… But, I think the best shots are the ones that come from the interior… and that is not easy. Thanks John for saying I have some good landscapes that really helps me.. I think you have some really good colour shots…

        Regards. Stephen

        • Thanks Stephen. I don’t ‘think’ in colour. Colour is truly difficult because in many situations you have no control over it, so it’s all down to image editing to try to sort things out. Actually these portraits from Dublin are fairly average when they come out of the camera, so it truly is down to processing and careful cropping. I look at it like this, if these were paintings, this is how I would do them, and painting require lots of careful decisions and judgements… I’ve said before, Ansell Adams said photos are not taken, they are made….and that’s my belief too.

          Best wishes, John.

  3. When the photo popped up, all I saw were her eyes. Beautiful! and then as I scrolled down, I was able to see the character, life and beauty in the rest of her face. nice!

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