We were recently in Dublin, spending time with our youngest son and his family We took a city tour bus and stopped off at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Ely Place, and had a look at the RHA 183rd Annual Exhibition there, which is well worth a visit.

While I was looking after our granddaughter in the cafe I bucked up the courage to take some portraits. If you have been visiting my blog for a while you will have seen how I started to gain confidence, on my last visit to India, in taking street portraits.

It is, of course, a two way thing. Most of us are uncertain in front of the camera, so when it comes to an unknown photographer approaching you with a request to take your portrait, you can’t help wondering what it is that the photographer is really after…..are they looking for our strengths or our weaknesses……. we are all well aware of the latter, though not always too sure of the former.

It is, however, very evident that what makes a portrait work is not just the physical attributes of the subject, but that very vulnerability that we sometimes would rather hide.

Giogia Pistioa was serving in the cafe at the RHA. Giorgia is a photographer and has one of her Revealing Hands series in the RHA show, so she is familiar with the need to engage with the people she photographs. From this portrait of her I detect a genuine and passionate nature and an earnestness perhaps, but also that Giorgia is one who has not escaped fully unscathed from life’s vicissitudes. What is without doubt, though, after talking with her, is that she is bitten by the bug of street photography and is committed to the pursuit of that. I wish her well for her forthcoming visit to New York.



16 thoughts on “Giorgia

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  2. Very nice. You’ve captured her with all her flaws and her majesty. What draws me to the image are her eyes. You selected an image where she is looking up and your reflection can be seen.

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