Street Scene

Street Scene


Part of the fascination of Dublin is the survival of so much domestic architecture from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and though some of it is rather run-down, it is of a modest and more human scale than much of the later  twentieth century construction. Because of this it offers endless interest for photographers. Even so, I should apologise to Dubliners for presenting this picture in such an antique style, though it is perhaps, appropriate for the period of these buildings.



7 thoughts on “Street Scene

  1. My first thought was the the weather must have taken quite a turn, given how everyone is bundled-up…and then noticed the date. It’s a comfortable scene, John…and I think the finish is an excellent complement to the image. I would imagine that your viewers from Dublin might agree……

  2. Hi John, I am loving your work! I met you on the steam train from Wicklow last Sunday. I hope you are enjoying your stay. It was so nice to meet you and thank you for sharing your seat and stories with us.
    Kind regards, Olive Livingstone

    • Hi Olive, how nice to hear from you, I really enjoyed the friendliness of everyone on the train and have been busy taking photos all this week, some of which will be posted on the blog when I return home. I can send your family photos if you wish, just email me on and I will send next week. Regards, John.

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