The Woods

The Woods


The woods at Brighouse Bay run along the shoreline and at this time of the year they are very attractive. On such a bright and clear day the sun strikes down through the tree tops like a powerful and brilliant searchlight and the contrasts are beyond the range of most cameras. The only way to cope with this was to take two different exposures, one a normal setting and the second at an exposure value of -1.7. This second exposure was just right to register the brightest areas including the ‘searchlight’ parts and the background views of the sea.

The two photos were combined using Photomatix Pro which seems to give greater control than Nik Efex HDR Pro 2  that I tried first, though that’s probably because I need to read the instructions….




4 thoughts on “The Woods

  1. Very nice, John…I would have lost the sea in my image if I had made it….we can still see the ripples…it’s still living and blue in all of the green.

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